My name is Karo. My clients call me queen of lives, boss life coach & inspirational

strategist. I am eloquent speaker, quick thinker and fast decision maker.


My work in the self-development is not a job – it’s a true PASSION for personal growth.

I live in London, UK and work internationally. 

I coach in English but speak multiple languages.

Before becoming certified Master NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist and Transformational

Life Coach I worked in translation and interpretation field.

I also delivered cross-cultural relocation trainings in Europe and worked in business

consultancy, finance, technology and telecommunication sectors.

I lived in several European countries and traveled the world researching new methodologies and approaches. All that led me to creating unique Paradigm Breakthrough Coaching Program. 

This program is designed to bring maximum results and long term tangible solutions. I've used a wide range of techniques and tools from Life Coaching, NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy, Linguistics, Art and Business to transform the way you think of yourself and to improve the way you see your life. This program is designed for individual who has expertise and talents but feels that there is something missing


Some of the values that I share in my business are:

                     Excellence             Consistency             Clarity           Fun


My mission is to help, steer and guide you to being confident, authentic, self-efficient and for you to truly shine from within. I believe in creation of a lifelong success and I ask my clients to be ready for truly fascinating and colorful journey where they will thrive again.


I help executive individuals and creatives to regain trust in themselves and to see breakthroughs in their lives. ­I love working with people who are curious, motivated, creative, enjoy having a good laugh, want to learn.


My clients are dedicated, brave and ready to step up. It's about you being empowered, authentic and fearless.


Coaching is not therapy or counselling; it is a process of deep positive transformation on conscious and unconscious level. You can read more about life coaching, conscious/ unconscious mind, NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy -> here.

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