Why motivation isn't always the best strategy?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Have you ever been to a motivational speakers event? Have you noticed that in the time when you were there your energy levels were high? Those levels of energy diminished on a second or third day after the event, right? Do you want to now why this happened? Let's explore.

Motivation is like a warm bath.

Motivation is a fantastic tool if you want to do something in the moment. That's why so many people watch motivational videos in the morning. But here is the challenge. If the level of your motivation is higher than your fears and your doubts, you'll move forward. If the level of your fears and doubts, however, gets higher than your motivation, it's not going to work. Motivational video is going to get you through the obstacle course once but long term you would not want to have an instructor constantly shouting in your ear. It's just not sustainable. What will you do if the instructor isn't there?

Fear and doubt are not your friends - inspiration is.

Inspiration is something completely different to motivation. Inspiration is a nuclear fusion of a human soul.The key to being inspired is to not let your goals be solely about you but about something that it's bigger that you. You will need motivation if the goals are only about you.

The opposite to motivation is fear. Fear is a tool designed to warn us about a potential danger and to run away from being eaten by the tiger. Your fear of 'not being good enough' or your fear of 'where I am right now isn't good enough' is what will stop you from achieving.

In short, let's forget about motivation as you prime strategy to follow in order to succeed in life.

If you want to achieve your goals and continue having passion for more, inspiration is the right strategy to follow. It's going to get you through the obstacle course of your limiting beliefs and fears and will keep you asking for more. Inspiration will give you a reason why. It will give you a purpose. You need inspiration for something bigger than you.

When you do things because of something bigger than you, you carry a different type of energy with you. You show up differently. People start noticing you. You become a light on the top of the hill - you can't be missed. When people say: it can't be done, you say: watch me. When people say: it's never been done before, you say: then someone must do it first.

In other words, when you do things for something bigger than you, you become independent of good opinion of others.

When you tap into the goal of being inspired your entire experience of growth will go to the next level.

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